Mamoon Munir

Dr. Mamoon Munir

Global Operations Officer

Dr. Mamoon brings over 16 years of experience in operations, policymaking, project management, financial management, and organizational research. He started his career in the telecom industry at UFONE followed by a stint at American Express Bank. Dr. Mamoon joined the FELTP & N-STOP Pakistan projects in 2008 (funded by CDC Atlanta) before joining The Task Force for Global Health Team (TFGH) team for nine years. Most recently, Dr. Mamoon joined in the Pakistan Navy (PN) as a commissioned officer for three years. In these roles, he has performed management duties as well as supported the development and execution of technical operations and academic training.

Dr. Mamoon has a PhD with a concentration in Management Sciences. He has more than twenty national and international research publications; and has supervised more than 40 postgraduate students’ research thesis in project and financial management. Dr Mamoon is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan. He holds a certification in project management, operational management, and contracts management from multiple institutes. Dr. Mamoon has many distinctions in his career, including a gold medal in his MS degree and a gold medal in PN training.