CDC Pakistan Grants Management Support to the Pakistan National Institute of Health

Integral Global is providing technical assistance to the CDC Pakistan Office, in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, to build the capacity of the Pakistan National Institute of Health (NIH) to meet the requirements of HHS and CDC grants funding. Dedicated to bolstering the capacity of Pakistan NIH in managing HHS/CDC funds, our team is committed to strategic initiatives. Our approach provides a sound, multi-step monitoring plan addressing gaps by assessing the current state of progress and building NIH staff capacity to understand and manage effective financial systems, human resources, and internal controls.

The project is conducted in three phases: Pre-Assessment Review, Assessment, and Finalized Recommendations Towards Compliance. The culmination of our efforts will result in the delivery of an Assessment Report and Individual action and Monitoring Plan (IAMP). These reports will offer valuable insights and recommendations, optimizing the utilization of USG funding mechanisms programs.