Past Domestic Staffing Support


Integral Global Consulting supported the Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP), Emergency Response and Recovery Branch (ERRB), and Workforce and Institute Development Branch (WIDB) at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in various program implementation activities. This technical assistance included epidemiological services, instructional design, administrative and analytic support, monitoring and evaluation and emergency response program support.

Epidemiological Services

Integral Global Consulting provided epidemiology advisement services to the Division of Global Health Protection at the Global Disease Detection Operations Center in the areas of surveillance and data analysis services. IGC’s epidemiologist monitored, assessed, and updated a complex novel surveillance system to increase its capacity to detect international disease events.

Instructional Design

IGC provided CDC’s Workforce and Institute Development Branch (WIDB), Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) with instructional design and health education support for projects, programs, and activities including those that support COVID-19 and One Health Pan-respiratory Disease Surveillance. IGC provided technical assistance in designing, developing, and implementing training programs and workshops globally, collaborating with field epidemiology SMEs for the provision of technical content. The Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) training curriculum includes three training tiers: FETP-Frontline, FETP-Intermediate, and FETP-Advanced. IGC supported the development, revision, updating, and enhancement of training materials for all three curriculum tiers, building on One Health concepts through lecture materials, conveying One Health principles through case studies, and strengthening integrated management and leadership competencies.

Global Rapid Response Team Support

IGC’s Global Rapid Response Team (GRRT) Specialist provided administrative and analytic support to the GRRT at ERRB by updating the Global Emergency Alert and Response Service (GEARS) monthly metric analysis, maintaining GRRT deployment and utilization statistics, and coordinating GRRT recruitment. IGC also supported ongoing process improvement and upgrades to GRRT Power BI models and coordinated with Office 365 developers to make the necessary modifications.

Monitoring and Evaluation

IGC’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist supported CDC ERRB’s Emergency Response Capacity Team (ERCT), whose work focused on conducting capacity building workshops in One Health rapid response and risk communication in collaboration with national Ministries of Health. In this role, IGC’s M&E Specialist spearheaded the incorporation of M&E activities within these capacity building programs and designed a novel M&E framework for the team’s future projects. This work allowed the ERCT to better communicate their work’s effectiveness and impact.

Humanitarian Expert Advisement

IGC staffed subject matter experts (SMEs) in emergency medicine for complex humanitarian emergencies and ERRB’s training and capacity building efforts. IGC’s support consisted of emergency response protocol development and review, community-based surveillance consultations, strategic planning, and manuscript review. The SMEs also provided guidance on curriculum and assessment tool development, evaluation methods, and data collection methods. The SMEs also provided direct support to emergent initiatives, including developing content for education modules, serving as liaisons between ERRB and other government stakeholders to maximize the outcomes of collaborations, and advising on resource deployment options to ensure rapid and effective scaling of activities.