Current International Staffing Support


Integral Global Consulting (IGC) provides support to the Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) and the Division of Global HIV and Tuberculosis (DGHT) at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the areas of compliance advisement for CDC grant awardees, instructional design, capacity building and surveillance strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa.


IGC’s compliance advisor serves as a recognized expert in extramural compliance and performance matters for CDC Tanzania, the Ministry of Health (MOH), and implementing partners receiving funding through CDC Tanzania. The Compliance Advisor provides support to the Extramural Branch Chief, Project Officers and Co-ag Specialists on all issues related to compliance to USG rules and regulations. The compliance advisor routinely reviews projects by implementing partners receiving cooperative agreement(co-ag)/grant funding under the PEPFAR Tanzania portfolio. Additionally, they streamline processes, systems, and tracking mechanisms to promote excellence in project management and compliance among the CDC TZ co-ag portfolio.


IGC is working with CDC’s DGHP to develop curriculum as a part of their Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) training model. IGC provides technical expertise to the project through its Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer, and Translator who work together to develop context-specific training materials. The curriculum will train clinicians and community health workers on methods to identify and respond to cases of nine infectious diseases prevalent in West Africa. These diseases include polio, yellow fever, cholera, Lassa fever, COVID-19, Rift Valley fever, Marburg virus disease, monkeypox, and Ebola. After these trainings, countries will be better equipped to ensure a quicker response in line with the 7-1-7 target for detection, notification, and response for emerging public health threats.

Sierra Leone

IGC’s Workforce Development Advisor works closely with CDC’s Sierra Leone office to lead coordination between the National Public Health Institute (NPHI), Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) in the transition of the Field Epidemiology and Training Program (FETP). These responsibilities include advisement on the development of the NPHI, integration of the FETP into long-term NPHI plans, and supporting strategic planning for expansion of the FETP program. The Workforce Development Advisor will play an active role in capacity building and technical advisement to CDC SL partners, including WHO, AFENET, Metabiota, ICAP and other organizations.


IGC’s Surveillance Technical Advisor (STA) provides expertise in surveillance, data management, analytics, and reporting for the DGHP Uganda office. The STA will serve in a key management role for the DGHP surveillance, health informatics and epidemiology portfolio, working closely with the host government and implementing partners to coordinate program implementation and evaluation activities. Additionally, the STA will provide technical support to CDC co-ag partners to review technical and financial planning initiatives, track project timelines and resolve implementation challenges.

In addition, IGC’s Field Epidemiology Training Coordinator serves as a resident technical advisor for the purpose of assisting CDC Uganda with strengthening the country’s surveillance and epidemiology capabilities related to global health security and infectious disease response. The FETP Coordinator provides guidance in the implementation of frontline, intermediate, and advanced-level field epidemiology training programs focused on building surveillance, epidemiological, and outbreak preparedness, and response capacity as well as a laboratory leadership program.