Strengthening the Wellbeing of the RMG Workforce

Strengthening the Wellbeing of the Ready-Made-Garment (RMG) Sector in Bangladesh

Implementing Partners:

In 2022, IGC was awarded another project, with the John C. Martin Foundation, to reduce infectious disease spread and strengthen the health of RMG workers in Bangladesh. This project is in collaboration with AYAT Education, an organization that provides public health implementation support in-country. IGC and AYAT have recruited 3 garment factories to participate in this wellness project aiming to reduce the spread of infectious diseases that are of concern to the RMG sector. These garment factories are located in Ashulia and Gazipur, cities outside the capital, Dhaka.

Together, IGC and AYAT have conducted gap analyses at each factory, conducted baselines observations, and reported the observations to all factory management teams. Future activities include conducting a vaccination drive against an infectious disease of concern, training factory supervisors, and offering an educational toolkit to RMG leaders throughout the country.

This project is in strong partnership with the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), who have supported IGC and AYAT Education’s public health initiatives.

This is a three-year initiative to support the RMG sector in Bangladesh. IGC looks forward to continuing these public health activities and looks forward to including more factories in the next year.