Reducing Maternal Mortality in the Rohingya Refugee camps and Supporting Midwives in Bangladesh

August of 2017 marked the beginning of an influx of over a million new Rohingya refugees into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The crisis, currently overseen by the Government of Bangladesh in coordination with ISCG, WHO and other international NGOs, remains ongoing. IG has supported maternal and child health programming, health sector coordination working groups, the has worked on the ground to support public health programming and improved outcomes.

Under-5 mortality rates in Bangladesh are nearly 50% and less than half of women are delivering in a facility with a trained provider. Our team has supported rural and urban Bangladeshi and Rohingya women and families in accessing critical maternal and newborn health services. We have done this through mentorship and development programs for midwives and OB/GYNs. Additionally, we have developed trainings, SOPs, guidelines, and protocols to support clinicians in providing patients with access to quality care.