Providing Staffing Support to ERRB

Integral Global Consulting provides support to the Emergency Response and Recovery Branch at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to respond to domestic and global responses to support the mission of the agency. IGC currently staffs two subject matter experts in emergency medicine for complex humanitarian emergencies and ERRB’s training and capacity building efforts. IGC’s support consists of emergency response protocol development and review, community-based surveillance consultations, strategic planning, and manuscript review. The subject matter experts (SMEs) also provide guidance on curriculum development, assessment tool, evaluation methods, and data collection methods. In addition to process support, the SMEs provide direct support to current initiatives, include developing content for education modules, serving as liaisons between ERRB and other government stakeholders to maximize the outcomes of collaborations, advising on resource deployment options to ensure rapid and effective scaling of activities, and advising on a global mHealth data collection rollout. The efforts of the SMEs will serve not only to enhance the impact of ERRB’s current efforts, but also that of future responses to acute crises.