Integral Global Health is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that works with foundations, educational institutions and Ministries to develop and implement sustainable public health solutions.

Boots On the ground partnerships

With the experience to make a difference we can rapidly deploy personnel on the ground to respond to diverse public health needs

Bridging people and systems

From conflict zones to hard-to-access areas - Our past success working with governments to improve their public health systems allows Integral to bring expertise from various organizations for the common goal of improving public health outcomes in high-need areas of the world.

Implementation of public health system

Integral offers clients high-quality services such as public health assessments, workforce development, lab quality assurance, serosurvey of infectious diseases, and other key public health needs.

Why Work With Us

Integral Global Health’s Mission is to deliver public health impact to vulnerable communities and expand the access of international partners in difficult to reach parts of the world.


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